HWM Detailing and Valeting Service

Our team of detailers have the knowledge and experience to ensure you pride and joy is cared for as you would expect us to. We have multiple options with this service from our entry level maintenance valet to complete correction detail with Ceramic protection. Listed below are some of the processes and products we use to improve and protect the outside of your vehicle. Any paint correction required will be done by our own Smart Repair technician or our Aston Martin approved bodyshop.

External process

  • Paint depth testing
  • PH neutral alloy wheel cleaner
  • Pre wash Snow foam bath
  • Tar removal if required
  • Safe two buckets washing process with PH neutral products
  • Paint decontamination fine clay bar
  • Hand drying with deep pile towels
  • Multi stage paint correction process
  • Final polish and wax application
  • Fabric Protection and Ceramic applied.

Maintenance Valet. £180.00

Full Valet with wax polish applied. £280.00

Full Valet with machine polish and Ceramic Coating. £595.00

Detailing valet with machine polish and ceramic coating. £895.00

Tailored valet and detailing service with full paint correction £ P.O.A

All prices include VAT