About Us

Today, racing cars built in this country dominate almost every formula, but the first British team to find international success after WW2 is almost forgotten. It wasn’t BRM: the expensive and heavily hyped V16 was an abject failure. It wasn’t Connaught or Vanwall, though their day would come. And it wasn’t Cooper or Lotus, who would go on to win World Championships. In fact it was a shoestring effort from a little garage in Walton-on-Thames called Hersham and Walton Motors – HWM. Over HWM’s seven-year life as a racing car manufacturer less than two dozen were built at its current site in Walton-on-Thames and some 70 per cent of the entire production survives today.Walton-on-Thames in Surrey has been our home from the beginning. In fact, our Aston Martin showroom adjacent to our own is the longest serving Aston Martin dealership in the world.

Our sports cars business, HWM Sports Cars buy and sell the finest prestige, 4x4 and sports cars. We take pride in being able to guide each and every one of our customers, whether new or returning, through every part of vehicle ownership – the buying, financing, servicing and selling – offering the complete one-stop shop experience. We are a close knit team within a long established family run business and we are very proud that our customers visit us from across the whole of the UK.

Our staff have built up a vast knowledge working in the automotive world and we feel that the experience of buying and selling a car should be enjoyable and hassle-free. Not only for our customers, but also for our peers who work in our industry, too. Whether you’re at HWM to buy a sports car or just to have a little browse, we want your experience, as our customer, to be personal and leave you wanting to come back.