How to Become a Racing Driver?

The Caterham Academy - What is it?

  • The Caterham Academy is a race series for novice, beginner drivers
  • Only those with no previous race license (including karting) would qualify to participate
  • When signing up to the Academy, you will receive your own Academy car, which will be yours to keep even after the season. You can choose to have either a Kit or Factory Built car.
  • There are a just few options that you can choose for your Academy car, but for the most part, all Academy cars are the same. For example, all have a 1.6l engine which generates 125 horsepower.
  • Those who partake will receive unlimited guidance from Caterham themselves: Whether this be with support in receiving an ARDS race license, guidance in which equipment and gear to invest in, and, in the case of building your own kit car, assistance with IVA checks and getting the car ready to race.

How to Order a Caterham Academy Car

  • As a Caterham representative, you can sign up to the Academy through us here at HWM. This can be done over the phone, email, or by visiting us here in Surrey
  • A member of the HWM Caterham team will run through the options available for your car and begin building the specification with you.
  • Just some of these options include: a VBox Camera System or Race Logic tracker (a front facing camera is mandatory for Academy participation)
  • An initial deposit of £3,000 will be taken at this time, this will secure your place on the grid
  • At this stage you will be given a 'Build Slot' for your car. The cut off for specification changes is 13 weeks before the 'Build Slot' date. At this point, another £6,000 will be due
  • The car is now ready to be built by the factory, or sent to you in kit form for you to build. HWM can offer a 'Tool Kit' for those who chose to build the car themselves
  • Before delivery of the car is taken, the remaining balance would need to be paid

What to do now that your Caterham Academy Car has Arrived?

  • To those who built their Caterham Academy car themselves, congratulations! It truly is an accomplishment
  • The next step for kit cars would be to bring it to HWM for a post-build and pre-IVA check before having it officially registered
  • The factory built cars will be sent straight to HWM to go through the IVA and registration processes. After this you will be able to take delivery of the car
  • Now its time for you to get your race license! An ARDS test will be completed in a Caterham owned car. Once completed, you are able to begin racing and practising for the season ahead
  • Seat time is incredibly important - HWM offer Driver Coaching should you need any guidance at this stage

Setting Up Your Caterham Academy Car For The Track

  • As mentioned previously, seat time is a really important step before the season begins. Not only does it give you time to practice, but it gives your car that same opportunity. Adding miles to the car allows the suspension to settle, we recommend aiming to add between 500-1000 miles before the season begins
  • Time in the car also allows you understand which areas should be tweaked to make your driving experiences the most comfortable and optimal
  • For example, at HWM we have the ability to refit your door mirrors to other areas of the car. Therefore, if you want to race with no door or half a door that would be an option. HWM can also fit wide rear-view mirrors for optimal visibility.
  • At this stage, you will need to invest in your race gear. Oliver decided to choose the VIP Academy Race Suit from Demon Tweeks
  • Other mandatory gear which will be needed include: Crash helmet, gloves, underwear, socks.

Transporting And Storing Your Caterham Academy Car

  • From 2025, HWM will offer a Transportation and Storage package for your Caterham Academy Car.
  • If you opt for this Transportation and Storage package; HWM would be there to transport your Caterham car to and from every single race event. We would also transport any other goods you need with you on track days, like tools or tyres.
  • This service would include a pre-track check and post-track check, ensuring your car is ready for the next event. It would then be cleaned and stored securely at our HWM Caterham facility.
  • This package is £7,000 including VAT.

If you would like to learn more about the Caterham Academy, we would be delighted to assist.

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