Frequently Asked Questions

What does HWM stand for?

HWM stands for Hersham and Walton Motors. We were established in 1938. We have been in our current building since just after WW11. Vickers Aviation previously used it to for engineering.

Who owns HWM?

HWM remains a privately owned business rather than being part of a large dealer group. Mike Harting (chairman) and Andrew Harting (ceo) own the primary share of the business whilst Guy Jenner(managing director) also has some ownership. The HWM Sports Car business is run by Paul Flitter, commercial director.

Do you offer servicing?

We have a substantial aftersales business in Hersham, a couple of miles from the showroom. At this site, we have the expertise to work on any premium car, we can also offer a paint correction facility.

Can you source a used car for me?

Yes, we have an enormous database of customers so will always do our best to track down a suitable car for you. There are plenty of vehicles are sold before being advertised so please speak to our team if you have specific requirements.

Can I reserve a car?

In the internet age, the used car market can be very fast moving. If there is a car in our stock that you wish to reserve, we require you to leave a reservation fee to take it off the market. With our used cars, this can also be done via our website instantly.

If I am enquiring about a car for sale, does that mean that the car is off the market until our conversation is concluded?

It is likely that we are having multiple conversations on every car that we have in stock. It is therefore impractical to hold a car off the market during an enquiry. Nevertheless, if you are concerned about a car being sold, you can hold it with a reservation fee. This fee can be refunded should you not go ahead with the transaction. Please note that it is possible to reserve our cars on line and therefore a car can be sold “live” at any point.

Can you do a deal on your used cars?

Our philosophy is to price our cars as the best in the market for the age, specification and mileage. Nevertheless, we are always happy to talk figures and find a way to make the numbers work. HWM is a busy dealership, we are commercially minded and want to build long term relationships. We have survived since 1951 by forming long term bonds with our customer and providing great service and importantly, all at the right price.

Do owners buy their cars on finance?

Most of the car market is driven by great finance packages. They are an efficient way to buy a car and a great way to control depreciation. It is also allows owners to use their capital to work harder elsewhere. We would be very happy to discuss finance option on any car. There is also a great finance calculator in our used car section which might give you an initial idea.

Can you finance or lease a used car?

Yes, absolutely. Normally, when referring to a lease, buyers are describing a personal contract purchase plan. There are some finance examples on the used car pages on our website. We also do more traditional business lease agreements and contract hire. You are also welcome to call our team to discuss the options.