Pro Film – Caterham PPF

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an incredibly effective method of protecting your Caterham’s paintwork from damage such as road rash, stone chips, track day debris and general road grime that is picked up.

We struggled to find the coverage we wanted so we worked with Profilm to create a bespoke package that gives our customers the peace of mind and confidence to use their cars knowing their paintwork is protected as effectively as possible. Profilm 3D scanned one of our Caterham’s so that we could be as exact as possible to help prevent any unprotected areas or film peeling after time. The film that I used comes with a 12 year warranty and comes with a host of benefits such as.

  • Heat-Healing properties
  • Anti-Yellowing
  • Supreme stain resistance
  • Hydrophobic properties

We offer this film either as a package or we can do individual wings and panels. This will be broken down below.

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Caterham Body Packages

Full Frontal Package - £1,700 (inc. VAT)

This package includes the front cycle wings, front nose cone and the bonnet/scuttle panel. This is for complete coverage on these panels and not the leading edges like you see fitted on some cars. The only part that is not covered on the bonnet are the louvers.

Full Car Coverage​ - £3,250 (inc. VAT)

This package is the most comprehensive coverage we can offer on a Caterham and includes coverage on every panel. This does also include the stone guards, trim covers where the door meets the side panel and lastly where the bow tube protectors go, this can be applied onto carbon bow tube protector kits as well.

Individual Wings / Panels ​

Front Cycle Wings - £500 (inc. VAT)

Our PPF template for the front cycle wings offers protection for the whole cycle wing and not just the leading edge, this is achieved by applying the PPF in two pieces and with the join being almost invisible. This is definitely worth considering if you have exposed carbon wings as it helps keep them looking glossy.

Front Nose Cone - £600 (inc. VAT)

The template created for the front nose cone offers complete coverage and is bespoke depending on the nose cone shape, be it a 170, 620 or 420CUP. This part of the car is one of the most likely panels to get chipped or damaged by debris and is worth protecting, especially if the car has a nose band and stripe as these can be tricky and expensive paintwork repairs to carry out.

Bonnet and Scuttle Panel - £600 (inc. VAT)

The bonnet is another panel that is likely to get chipped being at the front of the car, no as likely as the front bumper but still worth consideration. It is worth noting that the film does not cover the bonnet louvers due to the complexity but it does protect the rest of the panel. The scuttle is also worth protecting and the film does wrap around the windscreen frame and protects the paintwork where the doors run the scuttle panel, over time dirt does get into the doors and this will stop the doors creating light scratches in the paintwork.

Side Panels - £600 (inc. VAT)

The side panels not as exposed as the front nose cone but definitely worth considering as these panels can be quite expensive to repair if damage. It is worth noting that the suspension does not require removal to apply the film close to the front suspension. Also decals can be applied either underneath or on top of the film. The side panel film does also include application to the bow tube protectors which is the area that normally gets caught by feet or the metal harnesses.

Rear Wings £600 (inc. VAT)

The rear wings are up there with the front nose cone in terms of getting chipped, stones and debris from the front wheels get flicked up and straight into the rear aches and stone guards. Our rear wing PPF covers the whole rear arch as well as the stone guard protector which is defiantly worthwhile when your stone guards are carbon fibre or chrome. It is definitely cheaper to replace film over carbon and chrome!

Back Panel - £500 (inc. VAT)

The rear panel is the least likely panel on the whole car to get damage in terms of chips or scuffs but worth considering if you want peace of mind. It will help protect the paint from any petrol spillages or marks from the fuel filler cap as it hangs when filling up. It will also help protect the paintwork if you accidently slip when putting the poppers on the rear boot cover.