The Caterham Easter Eco Run

It was a pleasure as always to host the Caterham and Lotus Seven Club at HWM. However, this occasion was a rather special one!

The club joined us on Easter Saturday for their annual Eco Run. Before arriving, each competitor filled their Caterham to the max with fuel. After a briefing, we all headed out to the Surrey Hills, following a pre-meditated route and trying our hardest to be as fuel efficient as we could be! The sun blessed us with its presence on the day, making it the perfect weather for such an event.

We then stopped briefly at Newlands Corner for a short break and to take in our beautiful surroundings, before making the journey back. Again, each car filled up on fuel, making note of the cost before journeying back to HWM for a well-earned coffee. After some quick maths, the most 'efficient' driver was commemorated with a chocolate teapot!

As always, HWM has many interesting vehicles onsite. The Club was delighted to see an Aston Martin Valkyrie and Valour in the flesh. A short auction was also held, where over £200 was raised in aid of the Club's charity.

caterham eco run