Caterham Drift Experience at Brands Hatch

Annnnndddd we have Drift Off!

The Caterham driving instructors began the day with a safety briefing, before laying out the course and showing us how it's done! We were blessed with damp tarmac to begin the day, giving us a little head start as we learnt how to perfect the 'drift'. As the day progressed, the sun decided to show, which made the drifting slightly harder, but we were up for the challenge nonetheless!

The course had a bit of everything to really test our newfound skills; a slalom, doughnut and tight figure of eight kept us all on our toes, but as a group our confidence grew throughout the day. Everyone's competitive side made an appearance after the announcement of an 'Assessed run' and the dangled carrot being the prize of a bottle of champagne. Congratulations to those who won 'Most Impressive', 'Most Improved', and to our very own Sales Manager Oliver White, for winning the 'Biggest Doughnut'!

There were many beaming faces after this drifting experience; an experience that we certainly look forward to repeating!