Mazzanti Automobili

HWM is the new sole official UK dealership for Italian hyper-car-maker Mazzanti Automobili. Mazzanti Automobili, known for its “Handmade in Italy” approach, combines absolute luxury with extreme performance to create the ultimate in customised driving experiences.

Announcing the appointment of HWM, Luca Mazzanti, founder of Mazzanti Automobili, said:

“For us here in Tuscany, this has been an easy decision given the clear synergies with HWM. Both companies focus on customer-oriented service, a vital component when tailoring a Mazzanti Automobili hyper-car to a new owner’s requirements and expectations: the HWM team are true supercar enthusiasts and we both believe in the importance of building a deep relationship with our customers and a clear understanding of their automotive needs. With this background, HWM clearly understand why our Evantras are so unique and I am really looking forward to seeing our hyper-cars on the UK’s roads very soon.”

Chief Executive Officer of HWM, Guy Jenner, added,

“We are absolutely delighted to be representing Mazzanti Automobili as their sole official UK dealership. This new opportunity is a huge honour for the HWM team; we very much look forward to starting this journey with such a like-minded company. It was immediately apparent that we could build a strong relationship with Luca Mazzanti and his incredibly skilled team. Like us, they have a profound love of everything automotive. They are crafting some of the rarest and most beautifully engineered cars in the world whilst providing a buying experience that is truly personal. This is a great fit for HWM. We very much look forward to working closely with the Mazzanti Automobili team and bringing such a special, unique and premium brand to the UK.”

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HWM is honoured to represent Mazzanti Automobili as their sole official UK dealership. If you wish to speak to a member of the team about Mazzanti Automobili

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