Evantra Pura

HWM is delighted to introduce to you: The Evantra Pura. The Pura can only be described as a 'Hypercar'. The car's exclusivity is further emphasised by the limited number of cars produced, and the high level of customisation available for the car.

The Pura was designed with 'driving pleasure' as the ultimate goal. Weighing only 1,300kg, with centralised weight distribution and 761 horsepower, the lightness, balance and power of the Pura unite to create a flawless driving experience with no sacrifice of comfort.


Every Evantra Pura is conceived, designed and produced in Tuscany, a location known and admired for its stunning beauty, both natural and artistically created.

The concept behind the Evantra Pura was to create a car with an immortal and uncompromising essence but with a pure soul. The Pura has been designed to take the place as the crown jewel in a collection of luxury Hypercars.


The Evantra Pura exhibits an extremely balanced and dynamic exterior design; one that contrasts with traditional mid-engine hypercars. The sleek lines of the car highlights the unwavering personality of the Pura; a personality that harmonises weight, balance and power to create a strong, rare and reliable machine. Each element of the car is made by hand allowing for precise attention to detail and an extremely high level of quality.


The interior of the Evantra Pura is entirely 'tailor-made' to fit the brief given by the customer. Mazzanti Automobili then work closely with the leading brands in luxury fashion, using only the finest textiles to build the Pura's interior. The customisation possibilities are infinite, ensuring that each car is completely unique.

Moving to the centre console; the dashboard boasts state-of-the-art technology, including data acquisition, a head unit with touch control and infotainment with up-to-date Bluetooth connectivity.


The Evantra Pura is entirely customisable, the only limit being imagination! Not just aesthetics can be personlaised;

The Evantra Pura is completely customisable: the only limit is imagination and creations can be as daring as the customer desires. The driving position is configured according to the measurements of the customer and these can be taken during personal visits to our Atelier – a practice usually reserved only for the most prestigious racing cars or the finest tailored suits.