Alfa Romeo Owner’s Club - Feedbacks


  • It was the first time we had been to [the HWM] showroom and they certainly gave us all a very warm and friendly welcome.  Now, I can't wait to see the new Giulia in their showroom when it eventually arrives.”
  • “A nice way to spend a Saturday morning made very welcome by HWM... Alfas and Astons under the same roof very cool”
  • “The collection of Aston Martin's was impressive and it was good to feel welcome”
  • “I thought it was a very good event with a warm and friendly welcome from HWM.  I was delighted to have the chance to inspect my car underneath and very much appreciated having it cleaned thoroughly both inside and out!”
  • “Our section visit to HWM Alfa Romeo/Aston Martin on Saturday morning was excellent. The staff went out their way to make us welcome and the inspections of members cars was  a bonus and much appreciated by the owners.  I was pleased to learn that all of the staff that I spoke to were very interested in the classics that visited as well, this could be because of their motor racing history.  The Aston Martin showroom was a joy.”
  • “Just to say how much I enjoyed the meeting at HWM. Good to meet a few fellow Alfisti. The HWM staff were very welcoming. I came in my 1998 156 (96k miles), which the HWM technicians inspected for me. They appear to have very good knowledge of 156’s, which was re-assuring. The inspection revealed a couple of items which need attention – I’m following this up with the HWM service department. This was the first time I’d been able to inspect the underside of my 156 while it was up on a ramp – to my surprise there was no sign of the rust I expected to see ! Sighs of relief. All in all, the morning was a great idea. If we repeat it, perhaps next time I’ll try to fit in a test drive.”
  • Think HWM did a wonderful job by opening up their showroom and workshop to the members. The staff are so friendly and the management was really accessible to be introduced to.

    They really made you feel part of the team as we were offered coffee and tea which came out on a tray . Maybe I'm not used to this but this really makes it really special.

    Our selection of club cars parked outside drew quite a bit of attention from passing traffic. I saw one chap holding the traffic in a smart German car drooling of the 4C and even more of Des's green Giulia.

    On my way to the dealership I hit hole in the road which upset my fuse box. This left me without indicators. All the fuses appeared perfect but with help  of Oliver (one of the mechanics) he organised a tester - multimeter from the workshop which enabled me to find the gremlin. Thanks to Oliver for his patience as I was then able to travel stress free down to Goodwood in a fully functioning Alfa!

    Hopefully our relationship will continue to develop with this dealership and we can both help each with presence of more Alfas on the road.

    My wife and I will always by a new Alfas where we have a good relationship with the dealership and its service department and of course their commitment to the brand which we have found through Paul Flitter. Full credit to them for opening up for the morning. Just small things like this make a difference.

    Hopefully we can keep something like this on the calendar as it’s not like a whole day out where you're away from the family if they are other commitments , but three hours on a Saturday morning will create enough of a buzz around Walton with the classics and the moderns all outside.