Jeep Offers

To help you spread out the cost of your new or Approved Used Jeep, we can create a payment package that is tailored just for you. Our team of finance experts is always on hand to listen to your budget requirements and devise an offer accordingly.

To get you started, there are three categories of payment plans that are widely used and easy to understand. Personal Contract Purchase is the most flexible of the three offers and gives you greater number of options once your lease with the car has ended. Once you have chosen your Jeep, new or pre-owned, you decide how long you have the car for and over how many months you will pay for it. After, say, 24 months, we will tell you how much the Jeep is worth. Then you can either part-exchange the car, keep hold of the vehicle or hand it back and walk away.

Alternatively, you can pick our Hire Purchase method. Once you’ve chosen your car, you choose how long your repayment period is as well as the amount of your deposit. Once the balance is all paid, the car is yours. Simple!

The third payment offer is Personal Contract Hire. This lets you choose how far your annual mileage is going to be. Once you’ve met the mileage, or your agreed hire period has expired, you hand the car back. This helps you to avoid the responsibility of owning the car and having to concern yourself with a depreciating value.

Contact us today to find out how you can benefit from our Jeep offers. You may even find you can afford a better Jeep than you hoped for.