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The new Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C wins 'Reader Award' for 'Most Exciting Car of 2013' at What Car? Car of the year awards

Alfa Romeo is proud to announce that the eagerly awaited Alfa 4C has been voted the most exciting car for 2013 by What Car?'s readership.
The beautiful mid-engined sportscar beat the competition to pick up the What Car? Reader Award in the publication's prestigious Car of the Year Awards earlier this year.



Alfa Romeo Exterior


The heart of the beast, a centrally mounted en- gine, is clearly visible through the back window. Every other element of the car starts from here. The round rear light clusters blend into muscu- lar rear wings that house the air intakes for the intercooler. The energy-packed and dynamic sides taper into a perfect front profile for the headlights, inside which two V-shaped lines dive down to the shield-shaped grille and Alfa Romeo symbol.



On the 4C, absolutely everything expresses the racing spirit of Alfa Romeo. The steering wheel is moulded at the bottom. The dashboard is made from a thermoformed shell like those found on limited edition supercars. And the controls are all oriented towards the driver to give complete control of the car. The cockpit graphics have a high visual impact and are clearly inspired by those of sports motorcycles and competition cars. Aluminium pedals and heel guards form the last details of a true sporting character.


Alfa Romeo Interior


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Alfa Romeo Technology


The functioning logic of all electronic systems has been optimised to obtain exactly the right level of performance for the driving conditions. You can change the character of your 4C with the touch of a finger: docile and prudent (All weather), balanced but sporty (Natural) or fast and aggressive (Dynamic). The Alfa Romeo D.N.A. selector has offered three driving modes since 2008.On the Alfa Romeo 4C, the system has been thoroughly revised to respond to the needs of a high performance supercar. The three existing modes have therefore been supplemented by a fourth: Alfa Race.


You can change the character of your 4C with the touch of a finger

Alfa Romeo Dynamic

Dynamic mode configures the car to deliver great driving performance. Engine control parameters are configured to respond instantly to accelerator input and the ALFA TCT gearbox selects a rapid action program to reduce gear shift times by up to 25%.

Alfa Romeo Natural

Natural mode is designed for everyday use. Gearshift parameters are configured for maximum comfort and smoothness. In manual mode, the ALFA TCT gearbox makes up for loss of driver concentration.

Alfa Romeo All weather

All Weather mode should be selected to ensure maximum safety under adverse weather conditions. In All Weather mode the car responds to accelerator input very gently. The ASR system selects special engine and brake control logic and modifies power to match road speed.

Alfa Romeo Rear


Sport suspensions, self-ventilated brake discs and different diameter tyres: the 4C boasts an advanced ride control system, conceived to keep weight down to a minimum.

The suspension adopts race-derived technical solutions to optimise performance and deliver unrivalled driving pleasure. At the front, the Alfa Romeo 4C features a double wishbone configuration that gives direct and unfiltered feedback from the road. At the rear, advanced MacPherson suspension ensures superb road holding and driving fun, even in the most extreme manoeuvres.

Both front and rear suspension systems are made from aluminium and high strength steel. The braking system is designed for high performance race track use. The perforated, self-ventilated front discs and Brembo calipers take the car from 62 to 0 mph in only 36 metres. And to ensure maximum grip and prevent skidding under all conditions, the 4C is fitted with diffe- rent diameter tyres, 17”-18” or 18”-19”, with the larger size on the rear for the best possible handling.

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